Christine Schmidt, Esquire
Taking a nontraditional path to becoming a lawyer brings a unique perspective for common situations.
I began my professional career as a social worker helping families manage crisis situations by setting goals and enabling them to evolve to a more positive lifestyle. In 2001, I made the decision to shift my career, and I enrolled in William Mitchell College of Family Law.

Learning law from a practical sense provides a distinctive view of reasonable outcomes.
With a proactive disposition, I volunteered as a Guardian Ad Litem for Hennepin County and completed the 44 hour family mediation course that qualifies me to act as a Supreme Court Qualified Family Neutral, a Qualified Civil Mediator and Arbitrator, and a Parenting Time Expeditor. During my second year at William Mitchell, I was offered a law clerk position at Grandchamp, Guyette & Cronin, PLLC, and later offered an associate's position at the firm after I graduated from William Mitchell and passed the Minnesota Bar in 2005.

Family law has exclusively grown as my expertise and area of practice through my work experiences. Continuing at Grandchamp, Guyette, & Cronin until the spring of 2009, I then decided to bring my expertise direct to my clients by starting my own firm, Schmidt Family Law & Mediation, P.A.




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