Collaborative and Empathetic Child Custody Representation

Navigating the path of divorce or separation can be an extremely stressful journey. Trying to set aside any bruised emotions to get through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible is a difficult task alone. When children are involved, the situation can grow more tense, potentially leading to heightened conflicts and therefore slower resolution.

At Schmidt Family Law & Meditation, PLLC, attorney Christine Schmidt's experience in the social work realm allows her to examine each child custody case from multiple psychological angles in order to fully understand the elements at play. While the desires of the parents are of course part of the conversation, custody cases ultimately and importantly distill down into one point — the best interests of the children involved.

Putting Children First And Reaching Optimal Outcomes

Our firm recognizes the importance of putting children first when it comes to any type of family law dispute, including modification of child custody and exploring the possibility of joint custody. To minimize conflict between two parents, we employ numerous methods of mediation with a goal of providing the child with a stable foundation going forward. By focusing on tools such as shared online calendars and parenting consultations, we are able to assist parents in developing a plan that has the best interests of the children in mind. We believe in schedules with positive impact, not arbitrary parenting time measured in strict percentages.

However, it's not just about coming to a beneficial resolution between parents. Communication is at the core of a positive resolution. Our lawyer helps parents develop and understand strategies for presenting the agreed plan to the children, creating a unified front that is beneficial and understandable for all parties involved.

Start Developing Your Child Custody Resolution Now

For parents looking to put the best interests of their child or children first, call 952-428-7820 today to schedule a free initial consultation or contact our firm online. Based in Edina, Minnesota, we work with parents across the Twin Cities area.

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